Sunnyside Farms sign


Our Mission:
As a family owned and operated farm, through our passion for agriculture, we will preserve farm land; make efficient use of this land; and produce high-quality commodities for our customers


Farm Overview

Sunnyside Farms

The Sunnyside Farms Division is the roots of the Tedesco Family and emulates their passion for food. This division encompasses third and fourth generation Tedesco Farmers, in which they have approximately 800 acres of land.

In recognition of Sunnyside Farms' dedication to land management and community, Sal Tedesco & Sunnyside Farms received the 2010 Deerfield Township Farmer of the Year Award.

As an important value in the Tedesco’s overall food supply chain vision, the farm division has allowed the family to give back to Mother Nature and add value to the commodities grown.

Their business vision and strategies have flourished due to the thorough understanding of fresh products from farm to table. This understanding supplements the team’s keen sense for turnkey product solutions for the other Safeway Divisions as well.

Over the years, Sunnyside Farms has diversified their crops and is currently specializing in harvesting grains for feed and vegetables for further processor use in soups and stews. They supply their crops to both regional and global suppliers.